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If you like what we do at F is For, you can find more in the resources on this page. If you know of any other blogs/people/social media accounts/anything that deserve a spot here, let us know on our contact page.

Other Blogs

  • Fit is a Feminist Issue – the writers are professional philosophers, so this is a great place for in depth questions such as what does it mean to be fit? And, from a feminist perspective, in what way(s) does women’s quest for fitness and health contribute to empowerment and/or oppression?
  • Fit Bottomed Girls – the name of the game here is fun and variety, and the FBGs want to empower everyone to enjoy healthy living, without worrying about body size and shape
  • This Girl Can (also excellent to follow on Twitter!) – a national campaign in the UK celebrating women’s involvement in sport with a truly body positive outlook
  • Ms Fit Mag – this blog has a fantastic variety of articles on everything from workouts, to sex, to recipes, and deeper comments on all aspects of life. Unashamedly body positive and feminist, this is a great resource for advice and some fun reading
  • Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss – what originally started as a personal diary through weight loss has now become a community by and about black women in fitness. Great for support and ideas based on personal experience
  • Feminist Figure Girl – while this blog can stray into focusing on image as the goal of fitness, it is generally a great resource for weightlifting and general workout advice and reflections
  • Stumptuous – this is a really professional blog that focuses on weightlifting and eating for energy and to feel good. It’s definitely a great place to start if you’re new to working out
  • Feminista Jones – a great blog on a diverse range of topics, including fitness, mental health, and sex, with an intersectional and sex positive lens
  • Fit and Feminist – the slogan is ‘because it takes strong women to smash the patriarchy’, so, as you might have guessed, the focus here is empowerment through fitness. A message I can definitely get behind!


  • @mynameisjessamyn – Jessamyn identifies as a ‘fat femme’ and posts loads of amazing shots proving that yoga and fitness is for everybody. Super body positive and inspiring!