F is For

F is For is a place for learning and musings on the intersection between fitness and feminism. My posts are an attempt to make sense of the intersections between fitness and feminism. Can they go together, do they collide, or is reality somewhere in the middle? (For a longer view on this, check out my first ever blog post.)

I hope that F is For will be helpful for anybody on their adventures in life. I post a mixture of articles on feminism and fitness, reviews, and personal updates. But, this is work in progress. No doubt my posts are imperfect, so you can learn alongside me at F is For. I’ll do my best to signpost resources I have learned from.

What you will find at F is For:

  • Articles on topics including body positivity, food, and women athletes in the media
  • Reviews – online resources/books/videos/London-based classes and activities
  • Updates on my personal approach to fitness and feminism
  • Mistakes – please forgive (and tell me about!) any errors I make in my feminism, we’re all on a learning journey

What you won’t find:

  • ‘Beach body ready’, or any kind of body shaming


hollyI’m Holly, a London-based student on my own journey with fitness and feminism. I care about looking after my body. But sometimes, it’s important to prioritise self care and my mental wellbeing over working out. All in all, I try not to take my regime too seriously.

Feminism has been a part of my life since before I knew what to call it. As a child, my parents taught me that I could achieve just as much as the boys. But, like everyone, gendered messaging in society left its mark. For a long time, I felt pressure to conform to body ideals. In a lot of ways, I still do. I’m working on self acceptance, and feminism is helping me to get there.

For me, the best kinds of workouts are the ones I leave feeling proud. This might be because my jam came on half way through and I danced a little harder. Or because I set a new personal record. Or simply because I was having a cr*p day and didn’t feel like it, but went to the gym anyway. If you agree, you’ll fit right in!