Mix Up Your Routine With Skyfit App – Review

Skyfit App Homepage
Skyfit App Homepage

You might have seen the ads for the Skyfit app on social media. I know I’ve been seeing them for weeks now. And they intrigued me. I love the sound of an app with a stock of ready made workout, which I can use at any time to add variety to my exercise routine. So, did Skyfit live up to my hopes?

I downloaded the app and signed up for the one week free trial (full price is about £8/month). The first thing I noticed is that it’s a nice-looking app. The homepage has links to the each exercise type, which includes indoor and outdoor running, spinning, and weight training. When you click on an exercise, you’re taken through to the list of workouts.

The next thing I noticed was just how many workouts were available. The workouts are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can filter the list by difficulty and duration, which is handy. A feature which I’ve not seen in any other app is that Skyfit has running training programmes (5k, 10k, half-marathon and marathon). This would be a great way of structuring your training, but I’m not sure about the safety of training for a marathon in 30 days.

Skyfit app workout menu
The running menu

But, in other ways, the app does not have good usability. Sometimes during my workout I lost signal and the track stopped playing. This could be avoided if you were able to download the workout before you do it. Other usability problems include the favourite function not working for me and issues with the menu.

Day 1

My first workout was ‘Sweet Ride O’ Mine’, a 42 minute indoor cycling session set to rock ballads. I love the variety of music on Skyfit, as there is something for everybody. Most workout apps only have electronic music, but Skyfit has EDM, rock, 90s, just about anything you could think of!

Yet, these tracks weren’t always matched to the pace of the riding, which is frustrating. It makes it difficult to get into a consistent rhythm. There were also some long pauses between tracks. That made me want to slow down! But I did my best to keep going, and this was a fun and difficult workout.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace – my view on my run on day 2!

Day 2

The second workout I tried was ‘Outside the Box’, a 60 minute outdoor run. It was set to pop-rock tracks and featured short and sharp intervals. Coached by Candice, I really enjoyed this run. I struggle to motivate myself during outdoor runs, so the intervals and music were great.

But, I did not always enjoy Candice’s style of coaching. She did not always tell us how long the intervals were going to last, or how long we had left. This makes it difficult to know how hard to go during each speed burst, or how much to back off during the rests. All in all, it was a good, effective workout, but could have be improved through better cueing.

Day 3

On day 3, I moved away from cardio and tried strength training with ‘Body Weight Toner’. Candice coached this 30 minute session, which used squats, burpees, and more to get an all over resistance workout. We strengthened our quads, glutes, chest muscles, arms, and abs in a short time. I liked the mix of exercises here, and getting to change up your routine is what Skyfit is best at. But, this could have been more challenging – it was in the ‘advanced’ section, but didn’t feel advanced to me. Still, I enjoyed it, and you could change some some exercises to make them harder or easier if needed.

Day 4

Skyfit app workout information
The information you see for each workout

I was back on the bike today (my favourite kind of cardio), this time ’90s Rock’ with Kelly. This 50 minute ride was one of my favourite workouts all week. The music was fantastic, and well matched to the pace of the ride. I was challenged by both the hill climbs and sprints, so by the end I was a sweaty mess! Kelly’s coaching was good, and the time flew by.

A big problem is that there was no cool down time. It is so important to cool down after exercise, to avoid injury and speed up recovery. It’s a shame that Kelly did not include some slow riding or stretching at the end of the workout. But I would still do the ride again, and just add my own cool down.

Day 5

Today I tried a recovery routine, ‘Power Flow’ yoga with Amanda. This was an advanced yoga routine, focused on Viniyasa flow poses such as downward dog and the warriors. Amanda made it clear at the start of the routine that she would not be coaching through every pose in detail, as it was a advanced. It’s good she mentioned this as otherwise you might continue and get really confused! Sometimes her coaching did move too fast for me to keep up, but overall I enjoyed the stretching and rejuvenation.

I normally avoid taking yoga classes such as these, because culturally appropriative practice is common and does not fit with intersectional feminism. But I wanted to review a yoga routine for the app because this might be important to some people. I hope that decision has not upset or offended anybody. If so, please let me know, on the contact page or in the comments, and I will consider taking a suitable action.

Day 6

In a classic case of saving the best until last, today was amazing! I did two 30 minute strength workouts, and had a great and challenging hour. The first was ‘Full Body Craze’ with Marq. This circuits routine combined squats and lunges with upper body push ups, and burpees as cardio intervals. Marq’s coaching was excellent, as he emphasised the importance of good form and always told you how long you would be doing an exercise. This workout alone almost convinced me to pay for the app!

My second routine was ‘Upper Body Blast’ with Candice. This comprised push ups, burpees, and planks, and I could feel the work in my shoulders. Candice included a stretch at the end, which was great and much needed.

If all Skyfit’s workouts were as good as these two, I think I would pay for it!

Day 7

Rest day! This isn’t (only) an excuse not to work out. Having at least one rest day per week is vital to avoid overtraining, burnout, and injury.

The verdict:

  • Music – 4/5
  • Coaching – 3/5
  • Variety – 5/5
  • Usability – 2/5
  • Difficulty – 4/5 (but you can choose according to your fitness)
  • Value for money – 2/5
  • Overall – 3/5


  • Varied music – can pick according to your tastes
  • Huge number and range of workouts
  • Challenging and motivating


  • Music is not matched the pace of a workout
  • App has usability problems
  • Price – £8/month is too expensive
  • Coaching is not consistently good

I probably won’t be paying for the app, but I still enjoyed it and liked doing something a bit different with my workouts.


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