BBC3, wtf? Dissecting ‘The Post-Mortem’

Since BBC3 moved online a few months ago, it has put out some excellent documentaries. But last week’s ‘Obesity: The Post-Mortem’ proved that gratuitous fat shaming continues after death. In the UK, we are bombarded by reminders of an ‘obesity epidemic’. With predictions that 75% of the population will be overweight by 2035, fat people are marginalised and stereotyped as lazy and stupid. … More BBC3, wtf? Dissecting ‘The Post-Mortem’

A Unique Way to Stretch and Strengthen – Reformer Pilates Review

The machines look like torture machines. But my first ever reformer pilates class at Pilates HQ in London, was anything but tortuous. In fact, I really enjoyed it! In reformer pilates, the sliding carriage, cables, ropes, and pulleys, are used to modify exercises. This makes them them easier or harder as needed. It also adds another dimension to pilates, allowing you to … More A Unique Way to Stretch and Strengthen – Reformer Pilates Review

My Injuries and Me

A few days ago I found myself reading this post on one of my favourite blogs, ‘Fit is a Feminist Issue’. In it, the author talks about her relationship with her body, and the lies we’re told by the fat loss industry. (Do read the whole post, it’s enlightening and brilliant.) The section that stuck … More My Injuries and Me

Sexism at the Olympics: A History

If you’ve been on the internet recently, you won’t have missed the (unsurprising) news that sexism has been rife at the Rio Olympics. From the language used to describe women athletes, to debates about their clothes, the media has been a big culprit of sexist coverage. The Games themselves also deserve an honourable mention. Exclusion of trans athletes … More Sexism at the Olympics: A History